SCAi Talks Digital Engagement on Business Class News

SCAi was recently invited to sit down with host Karl Woolfenden from the Promo Talk 101 show on Business Class News for an interesting and informative discussion on using technology to target and engage audiences in 2020

Discussion Highlights

Over the course of the discussion Karl Woolfenden asks Peter and Adam from SCAi to share their insights and expertise on a broad range of relevant topics, including: 

  • Gamification as a marketing tool
  • Using User Generated Content to engage audiences
  • Who should, and how, to leverage Sports as part of a marketing strategy
  • The latest in engagement technologies 
  • The importances of knowing and understanding privacy regulations
  • How to determining ROI on an engagement program

Would you like to know more about these and other digital engagement topics? We're here to help. 

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About SCAinteractive

We specialize in creating engaging digital experiences for companies large and small. For more than 35 years we have been designing programs that engage audiences; in the process becoming the preferred partner of many of North America's best brands. 

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Digital Engagement Strategy & Programs 

Don't just reward your customers, attract, motivate, and engage them on a deeper and more meaningful level with branded programs tailored specifically to them. 

We start with a deep dive into understanding your business objectives and audience, and build out a digital engagement strategy designed specifically to address your unique marketing challenges.

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Engagement Technology & Administration

Designing an engagement strategy is important, but it's only half the battle. Even the best conceived programs can falter due technology and administrative oversights or limitations.

SCAi expertly manages all aspects of a digital program with our proven platform and our track record  of administering some of North America's most successful digital programs. You can rest assured your brand is in good hands.


Engagement Spanning the Customer Journey

Today's consumers, are growing more savvy and aware of the value of their information and the technologies available to them as they consider their purchases.  

The key for marketers in 2020 is to understand the various stages of the typical journeys their customers take before making purchases and ensuring they are have an engaging offering at key steps along the way.

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